Behind The Lens

Photo courtesy of Aprilynn Photography

Photo courtesy of Aprilynn Photography

Hello and welcome to my website!

I am an award winning photographer based in Florida featuring photography in the areas of aviation, cityscapes, landscapes, nature and, yup, babies!  

Below is my story of how all this came about.  I thank you for taking the time to visit my site and hope you enjoy the photography.

Photography has served as the link that combines a number of my other passions in life.  This really all started as a kid with a huge fascination with aviation.  I was in the 5th grade when the first Columbia Space Shuttle was launched and like many boys my age I was going to be an Astronaut!  Well one thing led to another and I never became an Astronaut but the love of pretty much all things aviation and space remained.

Other passions of mine are travel and history.  When I was growing up in Southern California my family used to take month long RV trips all around the US, primarily on the East Coast.  I think I've been to every Civil War site.  Twice.  I loved seeing the areas that I, to one degree or another, had heard, read or learned about and touch the places that history had touched. I've also lived all over this country and grew an appreciation of how wonderfully diverse the country and its people are.  I love that!

I had a long career financing small businesses after graduating from college but over time this became less and less interesting.  I had taken photography classes in college and had known some professional photographers growing up.  I loved the sense of anticipation I got with every roll I shot.  Yes it was film and darkrooms back then.  I just knew I had some masterpiece in each roll.  Didn't quite turn out that way, of course, but I can still recall the almost Christmas morning like anticipation I would have as I developed each roll.

I began investing in digital gear around 2005 but with the financing career still going well didn't really think much about doing anything else, let alone being a full-time photographer. I'm not sure exactly where, when or why the change happened but somewhere along the way I wasn't happy unless my photos were 'right' (whatever 'right' means anyway).  I became more and more discerning in what was acceptable, took a number of classes and lessons both in person and online and began to read every word I could about the craft of photography.

So from that little boy who first saw a Space Shuttle launch from an assembly hall in the 5th grade, to all my travels and life experiences comes the diverse collection of photos reflecting my unique perspective that you see today. 

I hope you enjoy my photography and will come back often to check out what new travels or adventures have brought.